Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Happy Cuckold

my Mistress-Wife Suzanne has been under the weather lately.  Not 100%.  When She's not well, in pain, not Herself or even just a little down, i always consider it my responsibility to do everything i can to make Her feel better.  To ease Her pain or discomfort and to put Her in a better frame of mind.  i think any good lifestyle submissive would do the same.

These past few weeks are perfect examples of how sex, even though it's an important part of lifestyles like ours, is secondary to servitude and submission that's driven by love and commitment.    The time i spent serving Suzanne during this time has been as fulfilling an experience as i've had since we've been together. 

She's begun to feel better and Her spirits have improved.  Yesterday, She expressed Her gratitude to me in the most intimate of ways.  Several times.  Her spirits were also buoyed by the fact that Her Lover Jay was going to be returning today.   That also made me feel better.

i'm sure my feeling of happiness for Her are difficult or impossible to understand for many.  i wouldn't expect everyone to be accepting of it or to "get it."  i know i'm a cuckold.  However, i also know these feelings don't make me any less of a man.   They do make me a better partner for my Wife.  She's the one who means more to me than anything in the world.


  1. Now... that I find thought provoking and very well put.

    You are indeed a very strong man... and a very good partner for your Wife, that is obvious.

    At times your vice fades from the stories you and Your wife let us experience, and it is good to hear your side...

    A strong voice..... that knows how to stay soft...

    Thanks for giving me something to think about

  2. Trust me i see her devotion to you in all her writings. You are her emotional BULL !
    even in panties you are the man !


  3. Well said, tammy!